Why Us?

About Us

The Idea behind CoachBox comes from the struggles and pains we had when we started. No one to ask, no knowledge of how to use technology to run your business in an online world, and most of all, no idea of what works and what doesn’t.We decided it was about time someone changed the whole game of running your coaching business online. The catalyst to do this came, as usually is the case, in the form of a disaster.2020 did not turn out to be a year like the others, so we shifted into overdrive and developed CoachBox and launched in late 2020.With the tremendously skilled and sharp Joel Iverlöv as the driving force behind it all, we are happy to give you the first holistic and most complete coaching program on the market.We offer you a complete program designed to take you from where you are to have a profitable coaching business helping you support people and change the world!And even better, we guarantee results. We don´t want you to have to go through the same tedious and painstaking journey as we did, that why we decided to build it for you!A team of dedicated people, with their hearts in the right place, ready to help you grow and scale your coaching business. That´s what we do. And we are happy to see you here.Sincerely,

“Service above and beyond expectations, constantly overdeliver and take responsibility for everything you do, good or bad.That´s how we operate.”

– Joel, Co-Founder of CoachBox